Revolving Door


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Standard measurements:

Total Height: 2,300 mm

Headroom: 2,100 mm

Outside diameter 180° rotary cycle: 1,800 – 2,000 mm

Outside diameter 120° rotary cycle: 1,500 – 2,000 mm

Inside diameter: Outside diameter minus 100 mm

Diameter grading: 100 mm

Upper part of the body: 200 mm

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The security revolving door is equipped with a position control drive PR-1 for automatic access control and an active holding brake. Through a release impulse for the entry or exit direction, the selected rotation direction is released. The rotary motion is started by manually pushing the turnstile. The rotating unit is then automatically turned by a motor to the next home position and locks. If no one passes through the revolving door within an adjustable period of time, the release is cancelled. The sensors installed in the ceiling monitors the intermediate sector and detects any unauthorised passage from the opposite direction. The authorised person can pass through, the unauthorised person is sent back. Bi-directional access control (for 180° rotary cycle) guarantees high capacity. The behaviour of the security revolving door in the event of a power failure can be freely selected. Standard adjustment: Locked by the end point locking with 5,000 Nm. It is not possible for people to get trapped or stuck thanks to the patented end point locking. Two emergency off switches (one inside and one outside) are installed in the corner profiles. If night-time closure is available, mounted on separate supporting columns or on the night-time closure leaf.