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Encased in a rugged plastic housing, the location tags and key fobs contain a hardened stainless-steel ID chip, snap-fitted into the back of the GA-01 and programmed to provide an electronic registration number for automatic identification. Each has the option of including a Dallas iButton™ ID chip or a generic numeric ID chip.

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  • Unique codes provided by factory-programmed 16-byte ID consisting of 12 hexadecimal digits plus a 4-digit number for series validation
  • 1 in 300 billion chance of two tags with the same code
  • Durable, highly rugged and waterproof (meets IP68 level tests)
  • Sealed ID chip’s internal code cannot be altered or replicated
  • Plastic casing easily attaches to any solid, flat surface with screws, glue or double coated tape
  • Light-weight, portable key fob with keychain attachment
  • Easy to use